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(*Only applies to specific destinations, please contact us for more information.)

STEP 1 - Enquiry Form

Complete the enquiry form to book a survey.

STEP 2 - Drive to Our Warehouse

Upon confirming the quotation, you are required to drive your vehicle to our warehouse to prepare for loading.

STEP 3 - Loading

The vehicle will be loaded into a container on schedule.

STEP 4 - De-registration

We will help you de-registering your vehicle once it is departed.

*STEP 5 - Examination & Registration

Upon arrival at the destination, we will arrange vehicle examination and registration for you.

*STEP 6 - Delivery

Once the vehicle is registered successfully, we will deliver it at your door.

Common Modification Requirements
(United Kingdom)

In order to drive in the United Kingdom, car owners must comply with local laws and modify their vehicles before inspection to meet the requirements of registration. All vehicles with an age of less than one year to three years are required to pass the IVA inspection ; as for three to ten years old vehicle, IVA and MOT inspections are required ; and for ten to twenty-five years old vehicle, annual MOT inspection is required. To be legally registered, vehicle must pass these inspections accordingly. We have summarized three common modifications in order to facilitate vehicle registration for car owners who are relocating to the UK.

MPH Speedometer

The UK uses the imperial system instead of metric system, so car owners must install a meter that can display mph for the car, and the meter must support English.

Headlights Washer

To cope with European weather, vehicles with headlights of at least 2,000 lumen must be equipped with a headlights washer to ensure that the headlights will not be covered by dirt and dust that might scatter the light and blind other motorists.

Rear Fog Lamp

Foggy weather is common in the UK, so local regulations require vehicles to be equipped with EU-certified (E-mark) rear fog lamps to ensure that vehicles can still be seen from behind under conditions of low visibility. The fog lamps must be wired to the same power source as the headlights.