What is ReloBox™?

Relocation is a huge event in life, every one of you would hope to bring along your most precious belongings to the new home. Therefore, Transworld has specially provided three ReloBox™ with different capacities for you to move your belongings to the new home, in the safest and most secure way, achieving a true "door-to-door" service.

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ReloBox™ is an integrated shipping solution for overseas relocation. It facilitates the handling process by condensing all of your goods into a single cube in minimalistic manner.

Extra Security

ReloBox™ will be sealed up once it is loaded. And it will not be opened during the entire process of shipping, not until it arrives at your door. It makes sure everything is delivered properly.


Dimensions: approx. 5' x 6' x 5'
Volume: approx.150 ft³
Capacity: about 30 cartons

ReloBox™ ALTO

Dimensions: approx. 7' x 4' x 7'
Volume: approx. 200 ft³
Capacity: about 40 cartons

ReloBox™ JUMBO

Dimensions: approx. 7' x 6' x 7'
Volume: approx. 300 ft³
Capacity: about 50 cartons

How to order my ReloBox™?

Same-day Quotation

Contact our Moving Consultants for a free online professional surveying and receive an instant quotation. Receive an 1-on-1 consultation with our professionally trained multi-lingual Moving Consultant across the globe.

Complimentary Packing Materials

We will provide and deliver free packing material to you where ever you are, i.e. cartons, newsprint paper, bubble wrap, markers, silica gels and sealing tape. We also have tailor made packing materials designed to fit your needs upon request.

Professional Packing & Sealing the ReloBox™

Our professional agents will help you with packing and placing the cartons into your ReloBox™. It will not be unpacked until the arrival at your new door. Professionally trained packers will pick and pack your goods delivery safely to your door where ever you need across the globe.

True "Door-to-Door"

When your ReloBox™ arrives at your new door, we will deliver your goods to your home, in order to achieve a true "door-to-door" moving service. You can rely on Transworld Relocation - ReloBox™ services for a seamless and effortless moving experience, the only moving partner you will ever need.

Have you reserved your ReloBox?

Get in touch with us. Our moving specialist will guide you through step by step.

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